Green environmental protection metal products coating agent coming out

TIME:2018-09-25 12:12

Chongqing Jinbifu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. launched a green and environmentally friendly coating agent for metal products in December 2015 under the general trend of advocating green environmental protection industry by the state, through scientific research and repeated tests, as well as production and application in many metal products enterprises.

The coating agent has been used in many metal products enterprises. In Tianjin Chunpeng Prestressed Steel Strand Co., Ltd, 12.5mm disc was used to pull to 5.0mm, drawing speed reached 5.0m/sec, and all the indexes were excellent. The 6.5mm disc is pulled to 1.3mm and the drawing speed is 13 m / sec. The indexes are excellent.

Through the actual production and application of the above enterprises, it has been proved that the coating agent for Jinbi metal-rich products can completely replace the traditional pickling and phosphating process, and it is a green and environmental friendly coating agent for drawing and extrusion of metal products.